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What is artifical marble

What is artifical marble

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    Artificialmarble is a product that mimics the appearance of natural marble. The manufacturing process of artificial marble is complex because it is to reproduce the chaotic appearance of real marble, that is, texture and particles. This is usually done through a number of layers of paint.

    Artificial marble is still a cheaper alternative, although artificial marble can effectively improve the value of the glossiness of the marble. Www.stonebuy.com
The most effective way to make artificial marble is to select paints and coloured glazes carefully, then alternate them on white or light colored substrates, so that we can imitate the texture and particles of natural marble. The process is also called "making marble patterns", which can be used in walls and furniture. It's time consuming, but the effect is quite amazing. It's worth taking time and energy to try it.

    In order to achieve satisfactory results, it is necessary to choose the color close to the natural marble. The most effective combination is gray / white and dark gray / black stripes combination, pink and peach stripes and eggshell white combination or white and yellow / gray and green stripes combination, these are natural marble common combination color.
The paint at different levels should be glazed at intervals at intervals until the desired effect appears. Of course, there is a lot of change. In order to achieve natural naked effect, some people use feathers, some people use candle wax. It's a creative process - it's fun. Pic.stonebuy.com

    You can buy Artificial marble, and you can make it yourself. In any way, it will add color to your home.