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How to choose artificial marble

How to choose artificial marble

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    The artificial marble is light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, pollution resistance, convenient construction and rich pattern pattern. It is an ideal decorative material. There are four main types of artificial marble.

    First,  Artificial marble of cement. This kind of artificial marble is made of cement as binder, sand as fine aggregate, broken marble, granite and industrial waste residue as coarse aggregate, made up of mixing, stirring, molding, pressurized steam curing, polishing and polishing. It is commonly called terrazzo.

    Second, polyester made of artificial marble. This kind of artificial marble is made of unsaturated polyester as binder, mixed with quartz sand, marble, calcite powder and so on. It is made by molding and solidifying under the action of curing agent. It is made by stripping, drying, polishing and other processes. The unsaturated polyester has good gloss and light color, and can be modulated into distinct colors.

    Third,  composite material of artificial marble. This kind of artificial marble is made up of inorganic materials and organic polymer materials, and then bonded with inorganic materials. Then the green body is impregnated in organic monomers, so that it can polymerize under certain conditions. The floor is made of polyester and marble powder with low and stable properties at the bottom.

    Forth, the sintering process of artificial marble. This kind of artificial marble is made of mixture of feldspar, quartz, pyroxene, calcite powder and hematite powder and a little kaolin. The billet is made by mud method. It is made by semi dry pressing and sintered at a temperature of 1000 degrees or so in a kiln.

    In four kinds of artificial marble, polyester material is the most commonly used, its physical and chemical properties of the best pattern, simple design, wide application, but its price is relatively high; the cement material is the most expensive, but the corrosion resistance is poor, prone to crack, is suitable only for plates; the other two kinds of artificial marble the complexity of the production process, the application is rare.

    Polyester artificial marble is imitation marble surface texture processing and mechanism, has the characteristics similar to marble, and the pattern can be controlled by the designer to determine good reproducibility; and light weight, high strength, thin thickness, good corrosion resistance, anti pollution, and good machinability, can produce arc. Surface shape, convenient construction.

    The physical and mechanical properties of high quality artificial marble can be equal to or better than natural marble, but its color and texture are not as beautiful and natural as natural marble.  Because artificial marble is affected by raw materials, many artificial marble used for outdoor engineering is not ideal, mainly due to aging, color change and glossiness change. After a period of time, the finish is seriously deformed, and the four corners are upwarping. Therefore, artificial marble should not be widely used for outdoor purposes, but it can be used for outdoor cylindrical and facade decoration. When height exceeds 1.2m, steel wire or stainless steel parts must be fixed.

    Artificial marble is widely used in indoor area, can be used for interior floor and wall decoration, and also can be used to make various sanitary ware.