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Refurbishment process and process of artificial marble

Refurbishment process and process of artificial marble

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    The faded and faded artificial stone is polished and polished to remove the surface defects of artificial stone, so that it can restore the original color and luster of artificial stone, and restore the original space decoration effect of artificial stone.

    1. Preparation of artificial stone before refurbishing

Clean or clean the impurities such as dust and sand on the surface of artificial stone with water or neutral detergent, so as to avoid hidden scratches in the process of renovation. If the artificial stone has been damaged, we should clear up the symptoms first, and prepare the necessary materials and tools (polishes and special machines).

    2. The process of artificial stone cutting and refurbishing

    Paving brick if the seam is not neat, walk in the above will stumble, and Zhuanfeng hidden dirt, then you need to do shear leveling, eliminate the uneven stone; then the hard grain processing, forming a hard and compact crystal hard layer on the stone surface, the stone surface contamination resistant, not easy to wear, and improve the stone surface gloss, more beautiful, more noble.

    Need equipment: Stone multifunctional compound machine, counterweight iron, various models of diamond grinding, polishing pad, 3M wire cotton, vacuum suction machine and all kinds of accessories and special tools.

    Pharmaceutical materials: Shi Jing hard powder, artificial stone maintenance and repair solution RH1/RH2, antifouling agent and other special drugs for artificial stone.
Time required: each machine handles 35~50m2 every 8 hours.

    3, program flow: seamless processing, shearing and leveling, coarse grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding, polishing, crystal surface treatment and antifouling treatment.

    The free exercise joint treatment process -1

    For some defects in the filling operation, the corresponding sealant is used to fill the seam.

    The shear leveling process -2

    The stone grout is completely dry, use the 50# or 100# disc grinding, this process will take a long time to cut down. Where the export cut large first hand polishing machine, and cutting machine burnish; and then use the dish will crack outside the coarse marble glue to grind; the whole artificial stone ground polished, all level of the slot grinding formation.

    In the process of -4 grinding disc

    Use 150#, 300#, 500# and 800# discs, from coarse to fine, evenly and evenly.

    The fine grinding and polishing process -3

    First use the water absorption machine to clean the stone surface stains. Then use 1000#, 2000# and 3000# to polish the stone finished by fine grinding. We must eliminate the scratch and show the smoothness of stones.

    Finish the work above, the stone refurbishment work is over, after water absorption, dust removal, ventilation and drying, the later crystallization maintenance work can be done.

    The crystal hard maintenance -3 procedure

    After the completion of the above process, the surface of artificial stone is preliminarily cleaned.

    Using artificial stone special hard powder, combined with crystal surface curing machine and cleaning pad to grind the surface of artificial stone to bright, so as to increase the surface hardness and glossiness of artificial stone.

    Use weighting machine and steel wool, alternately use artificial stone maintenance and repair fluid RH1 and RH2 to polish. The order of drug use is RH1/RH2/RH3; RH1/RH2/RH3 each grinding process, each machine is polished in 2M2.

    After the end of the hard curing process, the glossiness can reach more than 80~90 degrees.

    The antifouling treatment (water and oil, -1) processes can be selected

    Use oil antifouling agent, combined with crystal surface curing machine, steel wire cotton and cotton cloth to ground the artificial stone surface until the ground is dry. At this time, the ground is neither hydrophilic nor oily. It has some functions of anti fouling and anti skid.